Featuring a team of Digital Marketing specialists, Digital Hatch offers a truly professional approach to teaching people of all abilities how to create their own digital content.

In this modern digital age it's becoming increasingly hard for people to know every aspect that comes with creating marketing content for their own business. Suddenly you need to be a digital marketing guru with the ability to create your own website, graphics and videos whilst constantly running your own social media campaigns. Sure, you could pay someone else to do it, but if you're just starting out then those are some major costs you'd rather avoid, and if you're like us...you'd rather have the control over your own content anyway! Here is where we come in.

Over the past decade whilst working in the industry, we watched as the face of marketing turned 'digital' and threw many people out in the cold who just didn't have the knowledge to create their own content and not the large funds available to hire professionals to do it. We decided to take a stand.

The digital world is here to stay and businesses know this, but here's the good part - because there is a big enough market for 'digital newbies' there are businesses spending millions on developing resources to simplify the methods of digital creation...many of which are FREE! Let's take WordPress for example, a 100% free online software which gives you a control panel in order to make your own website. Suddenly the doors are open for ANYONE to make their own website, why? Because you no longer need to know code or be an expert to make your own content. The software does it for you! And this is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg, there are SO many resources out there available to everyone and with just a little bit of training and guidance YOU can learn whatever aspect of digital marketing that you want and create professional work. You just need someone in the industry who already knows all the tricks of the trade and can simply pass on the important information whilst filtering out all the waffle. Because trust us...there's a lot of waffle out there and a lot of charlatans who will take your money without actually getting you any results.

So we've made all of our courses practical, because in this industry you learn by DOING and by DOING you get results. You cannot learn to build a website, design a graphic or create a social media ad campaign by sitting and reading a book. You need to click the buttons and get your brain thinking like a digital marketer.

So our teaching technique is slightly different in this way, you will watch us and repeat. We show you how it's done and then you do it for yourself whilst always being there to offer the support you need whilst learning. As soon as you've learned the basics you'll quickly see how easy it becomes to develop and start making your very own content from scratch.

Well that's us in a nutshell. Our key management team consists of 3 people, each a specialist within their own digital marketing field which gives us a professional real-world insight into the broad spectrum of 'digital marketing' and allows us to create training content which not only teaches you how to invent, manage and distribute your own content - but does it in a professional industry-standard way. In simple, you'll be learning from the ones you would be paying if you went to a marketing company! So why pay those large fees when you can pay less, make it all yourself and have full control over everything you create.


Head Tutor

Kelvin has been in the marketing industry for over 10 years since graduating University with a First Class Honours. His specialties focus on the creation of WordPress websites, graphic design as well as filming and editing digital video content. He now runs and manages his own Marketing Agency - Aether Digital where he has worked with some prestigious names such as Panasonic, Reebok and BBC.



Digital Hatch Tutor

Holly has specialised in social media marketing for the past 9 years and brings her expertise to all of Digital Hatch training courses. Although specialising in social media, Holly too has advanced skills in website creation and video production. Having initially setup Aether Digital with Kelvin Packham, Holly continues to help clients develop their online presence and brand awareness through online media platforms.



Business Development Manager

Andrew has over 30 years experience of setting up and running businesses with a speciality of making marketing campaigns to ensure each and every business is successful. With this vast knowledge in business, Andrew’s skills lay in the ability to network with an array of business prospects whilst building large client databases which allow for future business development and remarketing campaigns. 

We are Digital Hatch and we hope you enjoy becoming your very own digital marketer.