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How to Add a Clickable Telephone Number on your Website

When building a website it’s so important to make sure that any telephone numbers you add (that you want people to call you on of course!) are clickable. Specifically if the user is looking at your site on a mobile device then you want them to be able to easily click the number and have their mobile automatically go to call you. This simple act of making your telephone number a clickable link on your site can really help increase call conversions from your website.

Where to Get Free Images Online

A big problem people have when trying to design their own graphics or website is where to get good free stock images which are royalty-free so you can us them without any worry of repercussions.

So we’re just going to list the best websites we’ve used in the past for free stock images and also give you a simple method which allows you to search google for ‘Labeled for reuse’ images.