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1-Day Workshop: South East

February 4, 2017 9:00 am
February 4, 2017 5:00 pm
Shorne Woods Country Park, Brewers Road, Shorne, United Kingdom   View map
07526 630153


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9:00am - Workshop Begins

12:30am - Lunch Break

4:30pm - Workshop Debriefing

Workshop Details

Learn to build your own website in 1 day

An all-encompassing single day course with one of our expert tutors who will walk you through step-by-step how to build your own website using our demo site template. Starting right at the beginning we show you how to purchase your own domain name and hosting and show you how to customise everything to match your brand identity.



The course is designed around 8 Modules which focus on clear step-by-step guides on how to build your own website. You don’t even need previous website design experience! The methods we show you are all easy to follow and we explain everything from how to buy your own domain name and hosting package right up to building each element on the site pages.

You will of course be gaining knowledge throughout, however this is not a theory-based course. We find the best way of learning is by doing and so the course is 100% practical and you will follow along with us as we show you how to build your own website.

We will be teaching you to use ‘WordPress’ along with a professionally made ‘theme’ which we will update with all of your content throughout the course, making it bespoke to you and your brand. We have already created our own version of the site that you will be building which you can now click to and have a good look through to see exactly what you will be creating on this course.



This course is truly all-encompassing and by the end of it you will know every facet of building a website within WordPress. The aspects covered on the course are pretty endless however the key areas we will cover are:

How to buy your own domain name and hosting package
How to install WordPress into your site
How to use a Theme within WordPress
How to add your own colour schemes, font styles, logos and pictures to customise your site to your brand
How to build 5 main pages including: Home | About | Services | Blog | Contact
How to add SEO Titles and Descriptions for added benefits of search engine rankings
How to monitor website statistics of who, when and how many people visit your website


We have developed the course in order to offer you two different options:

1-Day Workshops

Our 1-day workshops run from 9am to 5pm with an hour’s lunch in between, at various locations across the UK. These workshops give you the opportunity to complete the course and your website in a single day seminar-style environment with up to 10 other people.

You simply need to bring a laptop device with you on the day and then a skilled tutor will walk you all step-by-step through the lessons, teaching you in-person as well as be there to offer help and answer any questions you may have during the process. This option is much better for anyone who isn’t as confident or simply wants to learn to build their website in one single day.

Upon completion of the 1-day workshop you also gain instant access to the online video course to ensure you have the video lessons for reference in-case you forget anything from the day.

Online Video Course

This version allows you instant access to our online video course and you simply watch and follow along as each of the lesson videos explain step-by-step how to build your website.

This method allows you to complete your site in your own time and in the comfort of your own home or workplace. Each lesson can be accessed on any type of device whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer – no matter whether it’s a PC or Mac device.

Both options also gain 60-day free support to ensure you always have someone to help if you fall into any problems or don’t understand something.


The course is designed to cover every aspect of building your own WordPress website. There are a total of 44 lessons and each one will get you closer to completing your website. By the very final module you will have built your site and then have the ability to track all the statistical data of how many visitors you have, where they come from and what pages they viewed.

Module 1: Getting Started

Lesson 1: Hosting and Domain
Lesson 2: Email Account
Lesson 3: Install WordPress
Lesson 4: Install Theme
Lesson 5: Permalinks
Lesson 6: Apply Patches

Module 2: Theme Options

Lesson 1: Introduction
Lesson 2: Main Menu
Lesson 3: Primary Colour
Lesson 4: Adding Logos
Lesson 5: Footer
Lesson 6: Typography
Lesson 7: Social Media Links
Lesson 8: Buttons

Module 3: The Homepage

Lesson 1: Slider/Banner
Lesson 2: Page and Settings
Lesson 3: Introduction Section
Lesson 4: Services Section
Lesson 5: Up-Sell Section
Lesson 6: Ethos Section
Lesson 7: Call-to-Action Section

Module 4: The About Page

Lesson 1: Page and Settings
Lesson 2: Top About Section
Lesson 3: Your Story Section
Lesson 4: Team Section
Lesson 5: Call-to-Action Section

Module 5: The Services Page

Lesson 1: Page and Settings
Lesson 2: Introduction Section
Lesson 3: Adding Services
Lesson 4: Call-to-Action Section

Module 6: The Blog Page

Lesson 1: Page and Settings
Lesson 2: Blog Section
Lesson 3: Blog Settings
Lesson 4: Blog Posts

Module 7: The Contact Page

Lesson 1: Page and Settings
Lesson 2: Google Map Section
Lesson 3: Title Section
Lesson 4: Contact Form

Module 8: Final Settings

Lesson 1: Set the Homepage
Lesson 2: Set Main Menu
Lesson 3: Add a Favicon
Lesson 4: SEO Titles and Meta
Lesson 5: Website Statistics
Lesson 6: Further Development


Firstly, in terms of skill and ability you don’t need to have any previous website building experience. We have designed this course to be accessible for anyone, no matter what your level of ability is. You only need to have a general knowledge of using a computer and know how to ‘copy’ and ‘paste’ – that’s it! The rest is explained nice and simply so it doesn’t matter if you’re totally knew to this.

The computer you use isn’t an issue either, it doesn’t need to be powerful since the course is all set online, but it does help if you have a good internet connection. It’s not impossible if you have a slow internet connection either, it’ll just mean updating pages etc will load slower.

There are only 3 key aspects you will need in order to complete this course:


The very first lesson on the course is how to purchase you domain name and hosting package for the website – you’ll need both of these in order to build your website. These are setup under a different company and we will be using ‘123-reg’ for the purpose of this course. Therefore this cost is separate to the course cost but is the only additional cost you will need to factor into your costings. We walk you through different example packages and prices range from approx £40 to £100 depending on how big you’re planning for your site to be.


To ensure the site is personal to you and your business you’ll need to ensure you write all of your own wording content for each page. We then advise that you have all the wording written up into one document that you can easily copy and paste form to ensure the building of the website runs smoothly and you don’t have to stop every-time we add a new element to write the content.

To assist you with knowing what to write and where, we have created the demo site with clear guidance notes in each section of wording with advice on what should be written. You can simply follow the demo site page by page and recreate your own wording content to replace each section.


Again to ensure your site is personal to you and your business you will need to supply your own images to go on the site. The source of your images can be from anywhere as long as you own the copyright – for example you can’t just search on Google and pick the best image you find, since the copyright of that image will 99% of the time belong to someone else and there can be serious repercussions and financial implications if you are caught using an image that belongs to someone else. So with that said! Acceptable images can be:

Photos or images you have taken/created yourself
Photos or images that have been taken by a professional photographer/designer for you
Photos or images from ‘stock’ websites

As we go through the course you’ll notice we tend to use ‘stock’ images which are quite simply images taken or created by third parties which you can buy the copyright to from different companies. We personally use Shutterstock – – for our stock images.

Free alternatives are available and the best examples are and


To ensure this course is as transparent as possible we have created the demo website to show you EXACTLY what you are going to create. We’ll of course show you how to add/change all of your own colour schemes, logos, images and content to make it personal to you and your brand but this is a great way of being able to see a ‘sneak peek’ of the layout of your website.


You will learn how to build all of the 5 unique pages which have each been designed for a specific purpose to promote your business:

The Homepage

This is the landing page which everyone will see and get their first insight into your business so we’ve made sure it has immediate visual impact.

The About Page

Here is your chance to explain all about your business, your story and even a ‘team’ section where you can add any staff members or simply add yourself if you’re a sole-trader for example. It all helps to humanise your business and helps your visitors ‘put a face to the name’ so to speak.

The Services Page

Here you can list all of the services your business offers to customers. Or perhaps you simply offer one service but have a very specific method of how you operate, in that case you can use this as a ‘step by step’ process of how your business works.

The Blog Page

Having a blog on your site is so important now to help your website with search rankings on Google, Yahoo etc. Your blogs can be about anything you want, advice, information, articles, news or updates – but the important thing is that you have a blog page so you can always add to it as you progress.

The Contact Page

This is a simple page hosting a Google Map of your location so people can easily find you or know where you’re based and we also show you how to add a ‘contact form’ so people can easily fill in some boxes and you automatically get sent the email.


There are a number of questions that we regularly get asked about the course so please feel free to check out the most common questions and answers below. If you still have further questions then please feel free to contact us


There is only one additional cost involved with this course and that is the cost of your Domain Name and Website Hosting. We show you how to set this all up within the course, but the cost is separate to the course and will be provided by a third-party called 123-reg. Prices range from £40.00 to £100.00 depending on how big you want your site to be, but we advise you within the course on the best options. The cost of your domain name and hosting is paid on an annual basis to keep your website live, so please make a note of the date you purchase these options as you will need to pay that price every year on the same date.

Also if you do wish to purchase stock images for use on your course from a third-party stock website then this will of course be an additional cost. If you are in need of professional stock images then we recommend using


Nope! Whether you are coming to one of our workshops or completing the course from home, all of the work will be done online so the computer itself doesn’t play a major role in the building of your website. Please note if you are completing the course online then it does help if you have a good internet connection speed – it’s not impossible if your internet is slow, it just means the building process will be slightly slower for you.


Nope! This course has been designed specifically to allow anyone of any ability to build their own website. As long as you have a basic knowledge of using a computer and know how to ‘copy’ and ‘paste’ then you’re all set!


There is no difference in terms of the content being taught on either our 1-Day Workshops or Online Video Course. By the end of both options you will have learned the exact same methods and have built your very own website. It’s the equivalent of learning to drive by taking driving lessons or doing a ‘crash course’. By the end of it you will have learned how to drive, it’s just completed within different time-frames.

The 1-Day Workshops are designed to guarantee that you will build your website in a single day so they’re perfect for those who have busy lifestyles and want to build their website quickly. Also the benefit of a workshop is that you will be taught in-person by a professional tutor who can assist on the day and answer any questions you may have there and then.


Firstly, you must bring your own computer – we do not supply computers since it’s much better for you to build the website and have all the relevant files on your own system ready for when you go home. Please ensure it is a laptop or (portable) desktop computer – this course can not be completed on tablets or smartphones etc.

Then on your computer you must have: All wording for the website on a document that you can copy/paste from and all of your images. The 1-day workshop is intensive and there will not be enough time for you to build your website whilst writing all your content and sourcing images so please be sure to bring these with you on the day.

Lastly, you must bring additional funds to pay for your website domain and hosting. These are separate costs to the course and will be paid to a third-party company named 123-reg. We will show you how to set this all up on the day and prices range from £40.00 – £100.00 depending on the size of the site you want to create.


Whether you have chosen to complete the course via our 1-Day Workshop or Online Video Course you are automatically given 60 Days of FREE support. This includes assistance with any problems you may be having or anything you are unsure of. Please note this doesn’t include customization of your site.

If you ever need support please contact and we will respond within 24 hours.


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